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Defence &


With the Defense & Industrial Division we make our ecosystem of services available to companies in the industrial sector, until now mainly dedicated to financial customers, completed and enriched with the skills, competences and specialized and high-profile managerial profiles that have entered the network.

The operational


The Division operates in the Defense, Automotive and Renewable Energy sectors, valorising, among others, market developments regarding “European Defence”, transformation of the business model of the Automotive system, including related services, ecological transition and PNRR.


We systematize a set of extremely personalized and flexible skills, services, and solutions, “tailored” to customers and partners, according to an integrated and transversal approach of strong specialization, guaranteeing 360-degree assistance in terms of planning, control and management of operational activities, the development of new projects and the related business risk.


In addition to new specialist services dedicated to Industry, the division leverages the service portfolio of our internal and partnership ecosystem.

  • Specialist project & program management in the Aerospace & Defense sectors
  • Domestic and international business development
  • Temporary Management
  • Full order/contracting service
  • Specialist sector declination of all the Group’s services, including: Consulting, Corporate Finance, Insurance Services, Legal, Cyber ​​Security, TLC & System Integration and Business Process Outsourcing.
  • HR
  • Sensors/IoT and artificial intelligence applications

“Invincibility lies in the defense. The vulnerability lies in the attack.
If you defend yourself you are stronger. If you attack you are weaker.”
Sun Tzu