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Business School

The launch of the PHOENIX BUSINESS SCHOOL, a high-quality management training initiative based on the American model bringing to life a long-held dream of ours with the kick-off of the first Master in Management Consulting, in January 2023. A multi-year training course, designed for Phoenix employees and internal collaborators, but also available to customers/partners who requested us to provide training services. 
It is a project with an ambitious design which, in the future, aims to develop into an independent Research Center.

The courses are delivered both remotely as well as in-person- in our offices in Verona, Milan, Rome and Luxembourg.
It is a structured training course, open to multiple initiatives, including informative ones, and which moves in the scope of our worlds: economics, finance, management, technology and innovation. Our subjects are Project Management, Company Organization, Accounting, Company Evaluation, Business Planning, basics of Civil Legal Proceedings, Digital payments, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Re-engineering, Insurance, Digital Marketing and the optimized use of Linkedin.

The Phoenix Business School was created, first and foremost, to create valuee for our people and for the company – the enthusiastic words of the president of Phoenix Group, Giulio Fezzi -: It is a great opportunity for teachers and students, but it is also an opportunity to provide our clients with high quality training. The phoenix logo recalls the ability to rise again at any time and even in the most difficult situations. We think that training and knowledge are some of the most important elements for the rebirth: of our companies, but also of individuals, of the whole country.

The master


The Master in Management Consulting (MCC) is divided into three annual modules: New Consultant, Senior Consultant and Manager, based on the starting skills and “seniority” of the company role.

A “short”, preparatory Warm-up module lasting 3 months was previously launched for Junior Consultant figures (interns, new hires) – but also for young “company age” collaborators who needed to gain confidence with “basic instrumentation” – to create a common layer of use of tools and skills ranging from basic elements of Project Management to Business English Conversation sessions, to consultancy “behavior” lessons.


and teaching

The courses deal with multidisciplinary subjects, also depending on work needs. The individual courses are entrusted to internal and external teachers – qualified professionals with different backgrounds, attentive to the personal and professional development of our human resources – and will issue market standard certifications at an international level.

The credits

of the master

The Master is organized on a set of credits, for a total of 300 credits per annual module. The New Consultant module only includes compulsory courses; the Senior Consultant and Manager modules combine the characterizing courses with other optional ones to be chosen from a catalog of “vertical” subjects to complete the training plan. At the end of all modules, there is an “operational” Business Game session in Project Management.

Le materie

e la docenza

Gli insegnamenti trattano, dunque, materie multidisciplinari, anche in funzione delle esigenze lavorative e i singoli corsi sono organizzati con docenti interni – professionisti qualificati con diversi background, attenti allo sviluppo personale e professionale delle nostre risorse umane – ed esterni e, ove rilevante ed interessante, rilasceranno certificazioni market standard a livello internazionale (es. project management, Agile, …).

I crediti

del master

Il Master è organizzato su un bagaglio di crediti, per un totale di 300 crediti per modulo annuale. I tre moduli – New Consultant, Senior Consultant e Manager – sono stati avviati a gennaio 2023: il primo modulo contempla solo corsi obbligatori, i moduli Senior Consultant e Manager affiancano ai corsi caratterizzanti altri facoltativi da scegliersi in un catalogo di materie “verticali” per completare il piano formativo. Per tutti i moduli è prevista, in chiusura, una sessione “operativa” di Business Game in Project Management.